Trade Call Investments Apparel (TCI), is one of South Africa’s leading apparel design and manufacturing companies, and the majority shareholder is the Southern African Clothing & Textile Workers Union. In April 2014, TCIA was formed through the acquisition of the Seardel Apparel Group, with the purpose of securing jobs in the local sector and creating a sustainable, world class Clothing and Textile value chain within Southern Africa.

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TCI Apparel COVID-19 Workplace Preparedness

*Please note this is a shortened version for the Website and based on essential employees returning to work during the lockdown.

  1. COVID-19 Risk Assessments to be completed with management plans and protocols in place to mitigate risks. This will be reviewed and communicated to employees regularly.
  2. Masks and all other appropriate PPE as determined by the risk assessments to be provided to all employees prior to entering our facilities.
  3. Employees identified as essential staff will receive the required permits and safe transport to make their way to work.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be made available to all our facilities. Sanitizer to be placed at entrance points, bathrooms, offices, canteens, and business units.
  5. Induction training will take place for all staff returning to work.
  6. Strict screening protocols will be implemented by security staff and Management where employees will be required to complete an assessment questionnaire and do temperature monitoring. Temperature monitoring will be completed twice daily.
  7. Strict distancing protocols will be adhered to from the time of arrival at work and inside the factories. 1.5 Meter distances will be adhered to between machines, queuing points, and canteens.
  8. Every factory will have cleaning staff to sanitize work surfaces, canteens, toilets, and common touchpoints 3 times per day.
  9. Isolation rooms/clinics will be prepared in the case that an employee feels sick or is showing COVID-19 symptoms after which protocols will be followed by Management to ensure the appropriate action is taking to ensure the employee receives medical attention. During this time Management will stay in contact with the employee to advise if testing is required. Should a test result be positive the Executive and NICD will be contacted immediately to take the appropriate action.
  10. Every TCIA factory will implement a COVID-19 Task Team who will meet weekly to evaluate the effectiveness of controls and continuously improve on mitigation measures.
  11. The TCIA Risk Officers will audit the facilities on a weekly basis and communicate results to Management and the Executive.

Our mission is to play a leading role in the revitalization of the South African Textile and Apparel industry, enabling a collaborative, integrated ecosystem, thereby contributing to social and economic stability.